How We Work Together

The Initial Consultation

Approximately 50 minutes 

During the Initial Consultation we will spend the time discussing why you are seeking hypnotherapy and what your expectations are. I will gather some basic information from you and will outline how hypnotherapy will help.

I will explain to you how your brain works in relation to your particular circumstances, and give you an insight as to why you are suffering. Many clients describe this as a ‘light bulb’ moment’ – where many of their symptoms and behaviours finally make sense to them and they can see a way out.

I will outline what you can expect in the subsequent sessions including how trance works and we will discuss an approximate number of sessions that you will need.  You will receive access to a relaxation download for you to use in between sessions which also aids your healing and growth.   

Subsequent sessions

Approximately 50 minutes

Each session will follow a similar format to begin with where we will discuss what’s been good during your week, the things that have made you smile or that you’ve enjoyed.  This is a really helpful way to remind ourselves that life is not all bad even when it appears so.   I will share some more insights about how our brain works in relation to your particular situation. I will then guide you through a process where we will discuss what you can do that would bring you closer to achieving the goal you desire.

Once the therapy part is completed I will talk you through a relaxing journey of hypnosis where you will hear positive suggestions and metaphors that will support you in making that change. These work together to improve your state of mind, leaving you feeling positive, refreshed and energised. During the trance we can also work on removing negative feelings associated with events and reframing ones that cause anxiety. 

The trance session usually lasts 25 minutes, this is hugely relaxing and helps you feel positive and confident and ready to embrace the week ahead.

Try it now….

34 second relaxation sample

If you are feeling a bit stressed, why not take a minute to sample my relaxation recording and experience the calm it can bring.

*Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery