Feeling stressed is a highly personal thing. You may once have felt on top of your game coping with a situation that many people said was demanding, but now feel that the slightest thing would upset you.  When our coping skills don’t match up to the demands of our environment, we often feel threatened or stressed.  Once our ‘defence mechanism’ is in charge it can be difficult to reverse the situation and holidays, or time out just doesn’t change it.  This can happen after just one day of stress or one stressful incident.

I can explain to you what is happening in your mind and how we can reset your ‘defence mechanism’ so that you feel calm and in control again.  This will help to prevent health problems that are caused by chronic stress.  Through hypnotherapy we can trigger your relaxation response and help you to achieve various lifestyle changes that reduce the amount of stress that you encounter in life.  

If you feel that is something that would benefit you, please contact me.